What Are Terpenes
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What Are Terpenes?

When determining which Cannabis Strain to smoke you consider whether it is a Sativa or an Indica. Another factor to consider is which Terpenes the strain carries.

Terpenes are aromatic oils, a chemical compound found in the Cannabis Plant that provide it’s aroma and flavor. There are more than 20,000 Terpenes found in existence (found in plants, fruits, herbs) and the Cannabis plant has more than 200 of these Terpenes. The plant produces the Terpenes to protect against herbivores, insects and environmental dangers. They are also responsible for the plant’s regeneration and oxygenation.

Do Terpenes Get You High?
Terpenes will not make you feel high. Some Terpenes are psychoactive because they affect the brain. The interaction where Cannabinoids and Terpenes interact with each other, as well as the brain’s receptors is called “The Entourage Effect”. There is no scientific Data released to prove this effect. The legal industry of selling Cannabis is new and research has just begun.

6 Common Terpenes Found In The Cannabis Plant.

  • Beta-Caryophyllene – carries a woodsy/spicy aroma. Smell of cloves/pepper. This terpene can be found in pepper. Strains: Gorilla Glue #4, Tangerine Dream, Sage & Sour, Pineapple Express.

Effects: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant…

  • Humulene – carries an earthy/woody/spicy aroma. Can be found in Hops. Strains: Gorilla Glue #4, Cush/Green Crack, Sage N Sour.

Effects: Anti-Inflammatory…

  • Limonene – carries a zesty and citrus aroma.Found in oranges and citrus. Strains: GSC (Girl Scout Cookies), Pre 98 Bubba Kush, Tangerine Dream, Cush/Green Crack.

Effects: Mood – elevating effect…

  • Linalool – carries a floral, lavender aroma. Found in Lavender. Strains: Bubble Gum, 9Lb Hammer, Sour Diesel, Locomotion.

Effects: Calming, sedative…

  • Myrcene – carries an earthy/musky aroma.Can be found in Mango. Strains: Chemdawg, Grape Stomper, Fire Alien Kush, Agent Orange.

Effects: Sedative, anti-inflammatory…

  • Alpha – Pinene – carries a fresh pine scent. Can be found in pine. Strains: Vanilla Kush, Cookie Cross, 9Lb Hammer, Lavender.

Effects: Alertness, memory retention…

Terpene extraction is not only done to create isolates. Once extracted, natural terpenes are also re infused into Cannabis goods, primarily for flavour in oil cartridges. Concentrated cannabis for vaping often includes re-infused terpenes because the process of making distillate for vape cartridges removes all the natural terpenes. They are burned off in the process.  A cannabis extract composed of over 50% terpenes, with raw distillate to produce strain-specific vape cartridges.

In Closing …
Try different strains to see what aroma and flavor you prefer. Check the benefits of the terpenes. I have recently tried a couple strains that the terpenes were very dominant in smell and taste.

  • Redecan Lilac Diesel – As soon as you open the jar the terpene hits your senses. Smells just like a meadow of lilac flowers and smokes just the same.
  • Edison Slurricane – Is sweet like candy when smoked, can be found on the inhale or and the exhale.

Everyone is different, our bodies react differently to the same things,  so a strain I may like for it’s terpene profile may differ from person to person.

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