Cannabis-Infused Massage
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Cannabis-Infused Massage

Yup, we’re going there! Because let’s be honest so far everything cannabis infused is amazing. So why not a cannabis infused massage?

Stretching and morning exercise are all fun and whatnot but let’s be honest for a minute here and admit that sometimes, muscles need to be rubbed by someone other than yourself. Add into the mix a cannabis infused topical oil and we can almost guarantee it’ll be an experienced that won’t be forgotten quite so easily (unlike acupuncture – eek!)

A New Level Of Relaxation
We’re all aware that cannabis has a positive reputation when it comes to relaxation whether by utilizing cannabis infused creams, salves or even cannabis infused bath oaks; but a cannabis infused massage?

A massage is already relaxing and soothing but when you combine it with a cannabis infused topical, you can rest assured that the results will be even more calming and fruitful. It’s twice as relaxing, as it starts penetrating sore muscles and stiff joints upon impact. The effect intensifies as the therapist carves deeper into your muscles! Even with tons of workouts, stretching and foam rolling you can still feel unbalanced, stiff and sore much of the time. You guessed it, that’s where our good and reliable friend “cannabis” comes in!

So How Does It Work?
Firstly, cannabinoids react positively with the muscles in your body. Secondly, professional massage therapists use a full-spectrum cannabis oil that is extremely potent and able to penetrate through the skin layers and into your muscle tissue. So in case you don’t always feel like you’re getting the results you want from a “normal” massage, a cannabis infused massage may help you feel significantly more relief in just a single session. And lastly, simply because cannabis consumers make the best massage therapists. No joke!

In Closing …
Even if you can’t find a massage therapists that utilizes cannabis infused oils, simply request it and we’re sure many won’t have a single objection to it. It is natural after all, so why not? And there’s no need to fret, as cannabis keeps becoming more and more popular, in due time there will be massage therapists which specialize in cannabis infused oils only!

It’s really just a matter of time.

PS. Have a friend that’s a massage therapist? Spice up your next massage with cannabis, we guarantee you won’t regret it 🙂

Until next time!

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