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Stem Professionals And The Cannabis Industry

Ahoy ahoy! Welcome to another blog entry where we’re talking about stem professionals in the cannabis industry. What is stem you ask?

Stem stands for science, technology, engineering and math – aka STEM.
While the cannabis industry is still an actively developing industry where STEM professionals play a very important role in staying compliant and ensuring product integrity, STEM-educated engineers are suspiciously absent when it comes to the cannabis industry despite the fact that the expertise of stem professionals can take an otherwise ordinary cannabis operation to the next level and then some!

So how does STEM contribute to the cannabis industry?
Well, glad you asked! This is how: while the United States and Canada have very different federal regulations when it comes to cannabis, a lot of cannabis companies which call these countries home have recently started looking more and more into how STEM professionals can take on the challenges of pioneering a growing industry; many companies in both these countries have started studying cannabis plants on a cellular level to produce specific psychological effects while others have looked into integrating A.I. (artificial intelligence), blockchain and surprisingly, even cryptocurrency! And just in case these are the only roles of STEM professionals in the cannabis industry, we’re about to say nope nope nope! As expected, the sky is the limit when it comes to research and development; however the two most important responsibilities for STEM professionals in this industry is maintaining integrity and fostering standardization.

In Closing …
There’s absolutely no shortage of opportunities in today’s world when it comes to stem students and engineers being involved in the fast developing cannabis world we all love so much and we just wanted to bring to all operators out there reading this article a different angle on cannabis advancements and possibilities, as STEM professionals really can and will in the future help operators put standards and integrity before all else when it comes to cannabis. 

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