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Terpene: What is Valencene?

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! This week we’re continuing our Terpene series and introducing you to valencene. What is valencene, you ask and why this name? Well, valencene is a terpene with a heavy citrus aroma and is present in Valencia oranges it’s actually highly valued in the food industry as an additive; moreover Valencene may offer benefits in regards to anti-inflammatory, skin protection and even as an anti-allergen.

Although classified as a sesquiterpene, valcenene contains a range of citrus aromas including orange, tangerine, mango and even grapefruit. Surprisingly, it is even commercially used in mosquito and tick repellents as it is known to deter these insects. Another great use, is for salads; believe it or not, Valencia oranges are occasionally infused into olive oils resulting in the citrus aroma elevating the foods it’s used in, typically salads.

Fun fact: Chinese bayberry is a natural source of valencene and is valued in China as a medicinal herb and an edible fruit.

Its Role In The Cannabis World

Not surprisingly, citrus-forward Agent Orange, Tangie and Sour Diesel are among the cannabis varieties that possess high concentrations of valencene. Within cannabis, valencene contributes a rich, slightly bittersweet aroma.

In Closing

Distinct for its orangey scent, valencene has the potential to fight allergies and inflammation, and may even become a component of sunscreen products with further research. It’s an amazing terpene and we are so happy we to spread the knowledge about it. We hope you’ve found this article informative and we’re looking forward to having you back next week! Until then …

Stay green!

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