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5 ingredients in your kitchen you can easily infuse with cannabis

Are you a foodie, and looking for fun and creative ways to bring your love for the bud into the kitchen? We’ve got you covered! We’re bringing you 5 key ingredients you can mix with your favourite recreational herb. We’re skipping the typical ingredients such as cannabis infused cooking oil or butter, and bringing you 5 ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Let’s get started!

We’re kicking this off with honey. On top of being a sweet, viscous food substance,  this delicious natural sweetener is also quick and easy addition to many meals, treats or beverages. You can drizzle it over some greek yogurt mixed with granola and nuts or you can use it in your tea or better yet … dum dum dum … drum roll …. your daily morning coffees!

Coconut Oil
Moving on from honey to … you guessed it! Coconut oil! Do note that cannabis coconut oil is not quite the same as cannabis infused oil. While it has a similar texture to the typical infused oil, coconut oil mixed with cannabis can be used in many different recipes (like in your favourite muffins or … you guessed it … your morning coffee!). What’s another benefit of infused cannabis into coconut oil, you ask? It can help guide you towards a healthier cooking routine as coconut oil is full healthy fats.

Yes, yogurt. This delicious combination can be a great way to start your morning (depending of course, on what your goals are for the the day). Mix it up with some fruit, granola, nuts and of course maybe even some of that special honey we mentioned earlier and it will definitely become a breakfast you’ll want to try on your days off.

Pumpkin Seeds
Ah yes, pumpkin seeds. It wasn’t enough that they’re extremely popular during the month of October so why not make them even more popular by infusing them with cannabis? Roasted pumpkins are definitely the way to go when looking for a discrete and creative way to enjoy cannabis. If being tasty wasn’t enough, now there’s more reasons to enjoy that pumpkin spice because of that special ingredient in the seasoning.

Lastly but not least is sugar. Yes, we said it. Sugar. Sugar is one of the most used ingredients in any kitchen, so why not spruce up your coffee or tea? You can even use it when baking cakes, muffins and quite a number of other snacks or baked goods. Keeping a small batch of pre-infused sugar kicking around might just be a lot more useful than you think!

These are just a few of the most commonly used ingredients you will find in your kitchen. On your next day off, why not take some time and try these cannabis infused ingredients? And maybe even be a little creative and try to see what you can come up with! Who knows what will come of it? Enjoy your next cooking session! See you next time.

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