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Prince George may become first airport terminal worldwide to open a cannabis retail store

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful readers! We hope everyone has had an amazing end to 2021 and we truly do wish each and every single one of you has an even better year! And how can we not, with a title like this? What a wonderful time to be around for the cannabis industry! It looks as though with each passing year, there’s more and more positive progress in the industry. 

Bye bye 2021!

So let’s leave 2021 where it deserves to be left: the rearview mirror; and move forward to this exciting news! Located in British Columbia, the Prince George Airport, very soon might just become the very first airport in the world to house a cannabis retail store. If the business license is granted, travellers passing through this lovely airport will be able to pick up some “buds” (yes, we know what we did there) with their baggage … dot dot dot … drum roll …. By the end of the year! According to the Prince George Airport Authority, the business is “pioneering cannabis for travel”. 

But why such a long wait? Well, as it is to be expected there are both risks and benefits when it comes to having cannabis accessible in such high risk areas like airports. Because taking cannabis across federal borders is illegal, that means international travellers can’t carry cannabis on their departing OR arrival flights.

Practice safety

However, if you’re travelling within the country you can store cannabis on your carry-on as long as the amount isn less than 30 grams and they’re of legal age in the provinces they’re travelling into and out of. While we’re excited to hear that this is even an option, we try to also stay open to the idea that it may not be as easily accessible as in regular retail stores. However only time will tell and any step forward is a step in the right direction when it comes to our beloved “buds” (yes, we did again). We do look to see you back on here soon, with more news and maybe who knows? A fun valentines recipe for everyone!

Until next time! Stay safe and high. And remember to wear your seatbelt during take off and landing!

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