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Guide To: Cannabis Flowers

There are many aspects of the cannabis plant that factor into the growth of the good, quality flower everyone is looking for.


Think of cotyledons as a prequel to a movie. They’re these tiny leaflets that sprout from a plant as its germination stage begins. Cotyledons start and maintain photosynthesis while the true, serrated leaves grow. They’re kind of like an opening act—still very important, but the main attraction has yet to come. 

Depending on how it was grown, a cannabis plant might have different kinds of roots. If it was grown from a seed, the plant will have a large taproot and a lot of smaller feeder roots. If it was grown from a clone then there won’t be a taproot, just the feeder roots. In addition to anchoring and supporting the plant in the soil, roots also draw in, store, and distribute nutrients. To sum up: roots are important.

Stalk and stems
The stalk of a cannabis plant is the main stem that the other, smaller stems and branches sprout from. The stalk is there for support, while the smaller stems and branches are there to hold up the leaves and flower to make sure they’re getting enough light. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, or in this case, makes the cannabis plant grow properly.

If plants were people, leaves would be the lungs. But plants are not people, so the leaves are just…leaves. They take in carbon dioxide, expelling water and oxygen. Plus, they turn light into energy which helps the plant grow. This process is also known as photosynthesis, which is hard to spell.

When a mother plant’s branches are pruned, the snippets are called cuttings. That’s pretty straightforward. Those cuttings are then potted and begin to develop their own roots and, eventually, a whole new plant. That process is called cloning, and is objectively less straight-forward. 

Basically, when a mommy plant and a daddy plant really love each other…the pistil emerges from the female plant to collect the pollen from the male plant.

On the pistil, you’ll find sticky hair-like fibres. They’re not there by accident. These are called stigmas, and their job is to capture as much pollen as possible. You catch more flies with honey, and you catch more pollen with stigmas. 

Once the female plants are pollinated by male plants, they form a tiny little seed. This seed is formed in the calyx of the female plant. It’s where the magic happens, or at least where it starts.

Indica VS Sativa

There are people who use the term “indica” to describe strains that are more sedating or physical in nature. You might have even heard people say “in da couch” when referencing an indica strain. That’s because the effects might leave you wanting to stay in one spot until they wear off. 

To some people, sativa strains provide more energizing or cerebral effects. Unfortunately there’s no cheeky saying to remember what sativa means, but as long as you know that indica could leave you “in da couch,” try to remember that sativa will…probably not do that.

Consuming Cannabis Responsibly

New users
We can’t tell you what product to start out with, but we can tell you that Health Canada recommends consumers “look for a product containing 2.5 mg of THC or less or 10% THC (100 mg/g) or less, and an equal or higher amount of CBD.” 

Onset times 
If you’re smoking or vaping cannabis, the effects can take effect anywhere from seconds to minutes after you inhale it, and they can last up to six hours (or even as long as 24). 

Carry limit
Canadians are legally allowed to carry 30 g of dried cannabis (or the equivalent in non-dried form). Of course, this is all subject to provincial or territorial regulations, so make sure you do the responsible thing and check regulations in your area.

Keep it locked up
It’s important to keep all cannabis in a safe, dry place. If you have pets or kids in the house, then make sure your cannabis is locked up and kept out of their reach. 

Don’t drive high. 
Like alcohol, driving high is illegal. Do not drive during or after smoking cannabis.

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