Medical Cannabis Specialists

At the Cannabis Supply Co., we are passionate and knowledgeable medical cannabis advocates and supplies retailer who believe in the importance of educating the public on its benefits.

We offer clinics to assist Ontario residents in obtaining a medical marijuana license that is approved by Health Canada. We connect you with a telemedicine doctor to prescribe, issue and warrant medical marijuana licenses. We’re an authorized team who can assist you with your medical needs as they pertain to the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of various aches, pains, illnesses and diseases.

What is medical cannabis?

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How Do I Obtain A Medical Marijuana Prescription?

The process for obtaining medical cannabis can be confusing but we try to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.


Sign up to register for a medical marijuana prescription.
Cost to register is $200 and is nonrefundable. Approval of candidacy takes up to one week. You must provide a medical history, which may include supporting medical documents, a list of prescription medications or a referral from your physician.


Book Your Appointment*

Choose a date and fill out the appropriate medical forms.
* Certain doctors may require a referral from your physician.


Appointment Verification

You will receive a confirmation of the date and time of your appointment.


Attend Your Appointment

Once approved, attend your scheduled telemedicine appointment at the location specified in a private room.
At the appointment, you will consult with the physician to determine your suitability for a medical marijuana prescription. If you are considered a suitable candidate, the physician will complete a Medical Document and forward it to our Licensed Producer.


Receive Your Patient Identification Number

You will receive a unique ID number directly from our Licensed Producer within one week after your appointment which will allow you to place your first order.
You must use a credit card to place an order.


Order Your Prescription

The Licensed Producer has an easy-to-use online store to select your preferred products. Your prescription will be shipped directly to your home or the specified address most convenient to you in discreet packaging.


Follow Up Appointment in 4 Months

You will be required to see the physician for a follow up appointment to review the prescription. The fee is $100 and you will receive a prescription for up to 12 months.
Annual renewals thereafter are $200.

Register to apply for a medical marijuana prescription now

How Can Cannabis Help?


Mobility Disorders
Chronic Pain
Muscle Spasms
Multiple Sclerosis

Back Pain


Our Products

We carry a range of products to fit your medical needs.

Magical Butter Machine

For people who do not like to consume cannabis via smoke and/or vaporizing this is the product for you. With the simplicity of adding your ingredients and pressing a button you can easily infuse butter, oil or even hand/body lotions with cannabis to fit your medical needs.

Phoenician Herb Grinder

For medical grade cannabis grinders these are the best! Coming in fully sterilized packaging and made from medical grade steel these are second to none.

Arizer Air

When it comes to a strictly dry herb vaporizer this is the best on the market! This product has 5 heat settings for all of your personal preferences, plus a small and sleek look. These are also made locally in Ontario. Recommended for use with dry cannabis only.

Puff Co Vaporizer Pen

The best vape pen on the market with 3 heat settings to accompany your personal preferences and extremely durable it’s guaranteed to please. This product is only recommended for use with wax or oil. Not for use with dry cannabis.

White Rhino Hylo Vaporizer

This high end vaporizer offers the option to vape wax, oil, and dry herbs all three in one. It is also fully rechargeable and comes with cleaning tools!

Phoenician Herb Grinder

These locally hand made pieces have some very stylish and intricate glass work to offer both a smooth taste and a cool look. Recommended for use with waxes and oils.

White Rhino Water Pipes

Hand made from one of the highest qualities of glass in the world in Salt Lake City, we are currently the only location in Canada to carry these beautiful and prestigious water pipes. Recommended for use with dry cannabis.

Hoss Water Pipes

Hand made high quality glass locally produced in Ontario, a guaranteed smooth ingestion of your medicine! recommended for use with dry cannabis.

To see our full product selection be sure to visit us in-store today or give us a call!

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