November 26, 2018

The “Indoor Grow” Tent Kit

Beat the “high” cost of cannabis and grow your own!

With the complete “Indoor Grow” Kit package, you can legally grow your allotted 4 small cannabis plants—or 1 BIG ONE!
…and you won’t need a whole room to do it!

Whether you live in a house, condo or a bachelor apartment, the only space you need is a 36”X36”X72” area in any corner of your residence!

The “Indoor Grow” Kit provides the perfect environment for indoor cannabis cultivation on a budget with these 5 exciting equipment items:

1. Indoor Grow Tent

2. Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Light Kit

3. Complete Ventilation System

4. Dual outlet digital timer

5. Control Unit: Clock, Thermometer & Hygrometer



1. The “Indoor Grow” Series 36”X36”X72” Grow Tent Includes:

*Guaranteed durability with quality materials

*Light-proof, odor-proof for private growing power

*Multiple vents (Socks) with adjustable nylon straps for varied sizes of fan, filter & ducting

*Rectangle window with mesh to keep dust and insects out

*Removable floor tray to avoid spillages

*Water-proof floor for extra protection

2. Pure Growing Power Light Package:

*All-In-One Full Spectrum Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light (315W 3100K) for explosive

Veg, Budding, Flowering and Fruiting.

*Adjustable dimmer ELECTRONIC AIR-COOLED BALLAST (120-240V Input)


*2-1/8′′ HEAVY-DUTY ROPE RATCHET light hangers with Carabiner Clips for

easy set up, fully adjustable with strong spring snap clips and braided durable cords lets

YOU control ideal light height which is the optimum distance between the lamp and

plant canopy: ultimate growth and rich green photosynthesis production without burning!

3. Complete Ventilation System For Perfect Air Flow

*4″ Inline Duct Fan 120v | 60Hz | 2800RPM | 29CFM

*25’ Silver Flex Vent ducting, Carbon Filter Combo

*Durable ceramic-coated fan composite fan blades with a center hub to reduce noise and


*Virgin Charcoal, environmentally friendly activated carbon filter completely eliminates

cannabis odors

***4-1/2″Screw Hose*** Extremely DURABLE Rust-resistant Galvanized Steel Duct Clamps

*EASY-screw closure ensures a tight fit when correct air circulation control is imperative to

the growing process!

4. Dual outlet digital timer automates your veg & flower light cycles letting you incorporate…

5. Thermometer&Hygrometer

*Large LED displays temperature and humidity levels

*Multi-functional with high accuracy: consumes very little power and lets YOU control

the perfect optimum cannabis plant growing environment!

With The “Indoor Grow” Tent Kit you can treat yourself to a never-ending supply of your favourite cannabis strains. And with this special Cannabis Supply Co. offer, you will be able to obtain one of the highest quality grow tent kits on the market at the lowest price points anywhere.

The “Indoor Grow” Tent Kit provides everything you need to build your very own portable growing system. Ideal for condo/apartment dwellers who are not permitted to make any structural changes to their residence.

And when its time to move to a better location, simply pick it up and take your “Indoor Grow” with you when you leave. Of course, for longer moves you need only disassemble your kit and pack it back into its original shipping cases and you’re ready to go!

Forget heavy or awkward…

Indoor Grow” will enable YOU to easily deal with all the “little details” to grow potent Pot. And since you’re considering a home garden and may also be a first-time grower, there are some key details to keep in mind that you may not even be aware of!

This “Indoor Grow” Tent Kit series is presented as an online Instruction Manual and was designed for beginner growers to make every step of growing the marijuana plant of your dreams clear, straight-forward and easy to follow: from assembly to successful operation.

You don’t have to be a “Handy Man” with an expensive array of tools to set-up your “Indoor Grow”: just the simple, basic tools found in any household.

This amazing growing system takes all the guess work out of growing the perfect Buds!

Forget about struggling with complex outdoor conditions in your backyard, or on your apartment balcony or condo patio…

The “Indoor Grow” specially-designed 3X3 foot growing area lets you easily control a contained environment to dial-in the 4 “air” essentials plants need to thrive: light, temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Grow 4 small sized plants, or one big one…all without disturbing your neighbours or letting anyone else even know you have an exciting new hobby!

If you have any questions before you buy, simply call any one of our Cannabis Supply Co. Ontario branch locations and we’ll be happy to help. Connect with us using our online chat, or drop in personally and ask one of our courteous Cannabis Consultants for help. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are available at each one of our stores.

When you make the small investment in an “Indoor Grow” Tent Kit, we won’t leave you on your own. Our friendly, helpful, experienced staff is here during our regular business hours to answer all your assembly and grower questions. So be sure to follow this special “Newbie” grower blog series where we’ll take you by the hand and show you how easy and seamless it is to successfully complete the steps to grow your very own perfect cannabis plants!


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Stay tuned for the rest of Cannabis Supply Co.’s educational series on all things cannabis!

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