October 18, 2018

Oct 17th Early Bird Contest Winners!

Congrats to our Early Bird winners!

Congrats to: Sean, Ken, Don and Martin! Each of you have won a $25 gift certificate. We’ll be in touch via email 😉

But there’s more!

That’s not all! We still have 20 (twenty!) more prizes to give away! Enter now for your chance to win. Contest closes Oct 31st.

We want to say “Welcome!” to our newly legal recreational friends!

In celebration of Canada’s landmark legalization of recreational cannabis, we’re giving away $500 worth of gift certificates!

Oct 17 Contest enter to win

To enter:

  1. Visit the official contest page & answer the skill testing question
  2. Enter your email & share the contest on your favourite social media channel

That’s it! We’ll be drawing 20 x $20 gift certificates will be drawn on October 31st at 12pmEST.

What will you spend your prize on? Check out what’s in the shops!

Read the full terms & condition here.