January 9, 2019

New York City Gets a Curated CBD Retail Store

A few days after opening in November, Come Back Daily was nearly empty, but was full nonetheless of kinetic energy and the promise of more to come. The main floor boasted a huge open space for visitors to hang out and absorb the effects of the CBD, complete with big couches and a highly-Instagrammable photo booth; the lower levels, adorned with exposed brick. Since my first visit, Phan has begun curating a series of events at Come Back Daily, including a regular CBD-enhanced yoga class and an upcoming CBD-infused brunch this Sunday, January 13th.

The most thrilling element of Come Back Daily, however, was their array of clean, lab-tested offerings. The company is so confident in their products that they offer a full refund to any unsatisfied customer.

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Standout products include Ojai Energetic’s water-soluble 250 mg tincture, Sprig soda’s new 20 mg CBD line, and Wildflower’s classy disposable vape cartridges.

Come Back Daily even sells Tonic’ CBD products for pets, which Chewy, a spunky Shitzhu, was enjoying.

“We want to be the Sephora of CBD,” said Waseem Ghattas, the director of marketing. “Let’s get an option for everyone.”

CBD Products Standout
(Courtesy Come Back Daily)

Phan gets particular enjoyment from seeing novices experience the positive effects of CBD. “I love that face of disbelief [when customers feel it working]—it’s the Zoolander look!”

Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio have recently signaled that an adult-use market is coming to New York. Soon, businesses like Come Back Daily (and others, like the terrific Hemp Lab NYC, in Brooklyn) may be able to expand their knack for curation to products containing THC as well. When that day comes, Come Back Daily will be ready for it.

“I would have loved to have [done this] in California, but I’m a New Yorker,” Ghattas told me. “I know we can do it here in New York.”

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