December 5, 2018

Indoor Grow Tent Supplemental Assembly Guide

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that the exact space you’ll need in your vehicle to take your “Indoor Grow” tent home is the same space in your vehicle you’d need to accommodate 2 large suitcases. Simply tuck the “Indoor Grow” packing cases into your back seat area or the trunk of your vehicle and you’re set to bring it home!

EASY step by step assembly instructions with maintenance tips for durable life-time performance. You’ll have so much fun building, you’ll think you’re a kid again playing with your new Lego set.

If you’re like most people, the so called, “easy to understand” assembly instructions that come with products that have to be put together at home, are sometimes like having to learn a whole new language! The Cannabis Supply Co. understands this and so for this reason, we wrote this supplemental assembly blog post to ensure your assembly success and ease! After you’ve opened everything, you’ll quickly discover everything just fits together and zips up! At a glance you’ll see your new “Grow Tent” up and running within the hour!

All It Takes Is 3 Simple Stages…

Stage One: Building Your Grow Tent Frame

1. Bring your “Indoor Grow” tent package into the room area where you plan to build and operate it. Then, after you’ve removed all the contents out of the packaging…

2. Thoroughly read your grow tent’s assembly instructions and study the corresponding pictures and diagrams as you examine all the content pieces. Keep them handy to refer to during the assembly process.

3. First, unfold the tent so the reflective inner lining is facing up while the black outer canvas material is face down against the floor. When laid out, it will make a “T” shape pattern.

4. Organize all the remaining parts off to the side.

5. Using your instructions and the corresponding diagrams, identify the grow tent floor.

6. Assemble the grow tent frame base referring to the instructions and corresponding diagrams. The frame base pieces are interlocking and you’ll fit them together in a jiffy!

7. After assembling the frame base, place it into the grow tent fabric floor, then just slap in your nutrient runoff tray.

8. Build up from the grow tent frame base referring to the instructions and the corresponding diagrams: Attach the bottom corner pieces to the corners of the frame base. Starting with the first corner, connect the upright corner rods and attach them to the bottom corner pieces one at a time. When you are done this step, you should see the four corner rods standing upright making the shape of a shoe box standing up on one end. If you still have upright sections left over and your frame isn’t 72” tall, simply add the extra upright sections you missed!

9. Assemble the 17 short rods of the grow tent frame ceiling and cross pieces referring to the instructions and the corresponding diagrams.

10. Apply the 4 corner connectors to the ceiling frame corners and then, with the corner connector short rods aimed at the floor, apply the ceiling frame corner rods to each of the 4 upright corner rods. You may need to use a secure step ladder for this final ceiling frame assembly step.

Stage Two: Placing The Grow Tent Fabric Onto The Frame

1. Weigh down the floor frame with a handy piece of furniture along one of the floor frame rods opposite to the area you’ll be standing in to drape the tent fabric onto the frame. A beach cooler full of ice cold cannabis beer would do the trick if furniture is not handy!

2. Firmly grasp one seam of the grow tent’s ceiling fabric. If you are tall enough, one toss will place the ceiling fabric onto the ceiling frame! If not, use a step ladder placed on the outside edge of the tent fabric lying on the floor between you and upright tent frame. Firmly grasp one seam of the grow tent’s ceiling fabric and carefully walk it up your step ladder. After you are waist high to the ceiling frame, simply toss the ceiling fabric on top of the ceiling frame.

3. At this point your tent fabric will be draped over the tent frame. Simply walk around your hanging tent and align the upright tent seams with the 4 upright tent rods.

4. Secure the tent fabric onto the tent rods by carefully zipping up the corresponding heavy duty tent zippers and you will be done building your new grow tent. Please examine the diagrams before you begin this final stage so you will be able to easily follow the path of the zippers as you zip them up and secure your new grow tent onto the frame.

Stage Three: Getting Your New Grow Tent Up And Running!

Mounting The Grow Light Canopy

1. This is the real fun part of the process where you get to hook up all the growing gear inside and outside of your tent! Start with your grow light reflector canopy…

2. Begin with your grow light reflector canopy by applying the canopy C-links to the inside ceiling tent frame cross pieces so the C-links are a canopy length apart.

3. Clip each of your 2 Ratchet Hangers onto each of the C-links attached to the tent ceiling.

4. Attach 2 light reflector canopy hanging brackets to either end of the reflector canopy.

5. Release the adjuster cords of each Ratchet Hanger to full length down to the reflector canopy waiting on the grow tent floor. This will allow you to make the final attachments with the canopy supported by the floor, thus preventing any accidental drop damage.

6. Clip the second set of Ratchet C-Clips, one to each of the reflector canopy brackets.

7. Gently pulling on each of the adjuster cords, hoist the reflector canopy up to the grow tent ceiling. When you’ve hoisted your canopy up to eye-level, install the CMH light bulb. To do this, first remove the clear enclosure plate on the bottom of the canopy and replace after the CMH bulb is installed. Complete hoisting the canopy to the ceiling to keep it out of the way while hanging the air filter, vent ducts and exhaust fan. Clear enclosure plates are optional on some larger tent models with different vent systems.

Mounting The Carbon Air Filter

The carbon air filter serves two purposes.

First, the air filter eliminates the pungent Pot aroma of your plants from the inside of your new grow tent. Sure, it might be a beautiful smell to you, but may be offensive to strangers, or a signal to B&E artists that something good and worth stealing is growing in your home! So it great to have this filter and be sure to change it out from time to time.

Second, because it is attached directly adjacent to the grow light canopy, it simultaneously pulls stale inside tent air through and past the light canopy, exhausting hot air out created by the 315 watt lamp. With the power of the exhaust fan, hot waste air is pulled out of your tent. It’s whisked away by the reflector canopy and through the exhaust vent duct, out of the grow tent, and eventually out of your residence!

This final, but crucial, “out of your residence” step is what most other grow tent companies ignore, leaving the new grow tent owner with a world of trouble. We’ll be showing you how to easily avoid trouble by conveniently taking hot smelly air out of your grow tent, and right out of your residence. Your plants will thrive in their own optimum air conditions. At the same time, your residence is left smelling fresh with the comfortable living air temperatures and humidity levels you prefer!

1. Hang the carbon filter next to the reflector canopy closest to your choice of exhaust ports. As you adjust the light canopy up and down over the course of the growing cycle of your plants, the air filter remains stationary above, taking the rising heat and humidity off of your plants with the power of your fan mounted outside of your tent.

2. Fasten vent ducting line to one of the exhaust ports located on either upper wall or to the exhaust port in the fabric ceiling. It’s your call to decide where you want the vented tent air to go once its outside the tent. And we’ll get back to this momentarily…

3. Secure the fan to the exhaust port located on an outside wall of the grow tent. After your tent is completely set up, we’ll come back and show you how to attach a second outer vent duct line from the outer wall of your new grow tent, through several options you have to completely remove hot used tent air from your living quarters. It’s easier than you think!

4. Run an extra heavy-duty extension cord with an extra power bar you have and plug one end into a 120v wall socket in your residence closest to your grow tent. Position the leading end off your power bar closest to the “power port” in the wall of your tent. When you’re ready start, your “live” power bar will be handy outside your tent to accept plugs from your light, and fan. Hang the control unit on an inside wall where it will be easy to see. Your new battery operated control unit includes a digital time clock, thermometer and hydrometer to keep track of the humidity levels inside your tent.

Mounting Exhaust & Fresh Air Intake Fan

One powerful exhaust fan is included in your grow tent kit. It is practically silent running, but you still have the choice to mount it inside or outside on the tent wall. Mounting on the inside of the tent eliminates 99% of the fan “noise” from your living quarters. Mounting on the outside leaves the fan audible but eliminates heat produced by the fan motor from building up inside your tent. It’s up to you, but we recommend mounting the exhaust fan on the outside wall or ceiling fabric so you have less inside tent heat issues to deal with. Mount the exhaust fan to the exhaust port of your choice if you have not already done so with duct clamps provided. Attach and clamp the air filter on the inside to the fan on the outside.

Once your fan is running it will pull the inner heated humid air through the filter drawing it right out of the tent! As your inner air is rapidly drawn out, it will continuously remove the radiant heat off your grow light and directly pass it out through the fan to your outside vent ducting.

When mounting the exhaust fan, simply attach it to the special exhaust port built directly into the tent wall with the securing straps that are also built right into the exhaust port sleeves…and you’re good to go!

Removing Hot, Humid Tent Air Completely From Your Residence

This is “the secret sauce” for your successful grow tent operation other manufacturers fail to address!

Most manufacturers won’t tip you off to that scary thought you will have, which is:

What happens to all that hot, stale, wet air getting pumped out of my tent?”

If you don’t “complete” the final exhaust process so the hot, humid air is totally removed from your residence, that hot, humid air generated from your grow tent will simply recirculate back into your tent, building up to threaten the very life of your beautiful garden!

So how do you keep your plant happy and get all that hot, humid air completely OUT of your residence at the same time?

You actually have 3 nifty options to choose from!

1. If you own your residence you can simply run a second vent duct right to a wall or roof port you make through your structural wall or roof similar to the way a drier vent or bathroom fan exhaust is installed.

The next two options are for renters or leasers…

2. You can often easily run a second vent duct from your tent exhaust fan up to your kitchen or bathroom exhaust and… that’s it!

3. The safest, most reliable way to exhaust your grow tent air right out of your apartment is through one of your apartment’s windows! Just make a discreet window insert! A discreet window exhaust insert safely secured into or onto your window to prevent break-ins, will take your old grow tent air out of your apartment directlyvia one vent duct attached to it and your new grow tent!

Choose a window in the same room as your new Grow Tent. Ideally, you should set up your tent at the beginning, directly in front of your chosen “exhaust” window.

This one, “Make It Or Break It” step is why we wrote this Grow Tent blog post. We want you to have a clear idea of the goal you want to achieve: which is REMOVING the hot air out of your grow tent and OUT of your apartment!

If you have any questions about the new Grow Tent Kit you want to buy, don’t hesitate to contact us, and…

From all the folks at The Cannabis Supply Co., we wish you happy growing!


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