Vaporizer Coverage as a medical device

If you've been prescribed medical marijuana, you may be eligible for a vaporizer as a medical device.

Medical cannabis can be life-changing for many people. But, smoking is not the most health-conscious way to medicate. Many people use oils and edibles, but sometimes immediate relief is needed, or you may not want long-lasting effects.

In this case, vaporizing is a great option for many medical cannabis patients. Aphria explains:

Vaporizing cannabis is more cost-effective and better for your health compared to smoking cannabis. Burning cannabis (smoking) at temperatures around 230°C creates combustion, resulting in the production of harmful byproducts. These byproducts are thought to contribute to smoking-related cancers. Vapourizers reach temperatures
of only 180–190°C. This is below the point of combustion, resulting in therapeutically active cannabinoid vapours without harmful byproducts.

How to apply for vaporizer coverage.

To apply for vaporizer coverage, you’ll need to contact one of our locations to start the process. We’ll help you gather the necessary paperwork, choose the right vaporizer, and submit your application for you. It’s that easy!

Call today to learn how you can get a vaporizer as a medical device.

It doesn’t have to be confusing: We’re here to help!

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