How to obtain medical marijuana

How Do I Obtain Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana (also known as cannabis) is a prescription drug just like any other. The main difference is that pharmacies do not carry it, so you must present your prescription to a licensed producer (LP) in order to order and receive your medical cannabis.

It’s just like being prescribed massage therapy, counselling or physiotherapy – you can’t get it from a pharmacy, so you must find a licensed practitioner.

Just like these medical services, the cost of your medical marijuana will be an up-front cost that you can submit on your tax returns as a medical expense – so don’t forget to save your receipts!

How Do I Obtain a Medical Marijuana Prescription?

There are two ways to obtain a medical marijuana prescription: 1) from your primary care physician, or 2) through a TeleMedicine Clinic.

For many people, obtaining a prescription through their family doctor is not an option. You may not have a doctor, your doctor may not be comfortable prescribing cannabis, or you may not feel comfortable talking to your doctor about medical cannabis. We’re here to help!

If you are having trouble obtaining a prescription, simply register with our telemedicine clinic and we will guide you through the process of meeting with a cannabis-trained doctor so you can obtain your prescription (if approved). Click here to start the process.

Read on below to see how these two methods work!

Method #1: From your Primary Care Physician


Book Your Appointment

Book and appointment with your primary care physician (your family doctor) to discuss your candidacy for medical marijuana.

*Many people have trouble with this step. If you don’t have a family doctor, you will need to attend a telemedicine clinic to receive a prescription. Contact us to set up your appointment!


Attend Your Appointment

Meet with your doctor to discuss whether medical cannabis is the right choice for you. If your doctor deems you an ideal candidate for medical cannabis, you will receive your prescription.

*Many people have trouble with this step. Your doctor may not be familiar with medical cannabis and therefore does not prescribe to anyone. Contact us to be able to meet with a cannabis trained doctor to discuss your needs!

Download the form below and take it to your doctor appointment. Bring the completed original document to one of our locations. Our educated staff will assist you to select and register with a Health Canada Licensed Producer that can provide you with a consistent supply of medication to meet your needs. There is a $50 processing fee.

Method #2: Through our TeleMedicine Clinic


Register with a clinic

Register with our clinic and select your appointment date and time. Our clinic will take care of the paperwork and scheduling for you.


Submit Intake and Medical Documentation

A CSC clinic specialist will assist you in completing these three important steps:

  1. Complete the Intake and Medical Assessment form
  2. Submit medical documentation for the issue you wish to treat with medical cannabis
  3. Choose a Licensed Producer (LP)

Attend Your Appointment

Attend your telemedicine appointment at one of our clinics, or remotely with a compatible device. We have seven locations across Ontario to serve you! Note that we are now serving all Canadian residents. You will meet with the doctor to discuss your candidacy for medical cannabis. If approved, the doctor will write you a prescription.

Note: There is a $100 administration fee for a telemedicine clinic and this will provide 15 months of prescription for you!

Are you a Veteran or on ODSP? We offer compassionate pricing!

Click here to learn more about our compassionate pricing program. Click the button above to go to our online booking portal and then select “Veteran” or “ODSP” from the drop down menu to book your appointment with our compassionate pricing.

Now you’ll need to register with an LP to be able to order your medical cannabis online.


Choose Your Licensed Producer

You will need to register with a licensed producer (LP) of your choice to be able to order medical marijuana. LP’s are all different and offer different strains and product types and all have different price points and product availability. This part can be tricky, so meet with one of our experienced staff to discuss which LP will be the best fit for your needs.

*If you’ve registered with an LP that does not have the product you need, speak to one of our staff members and we’d be happy to find an LP that better suits you!


Order your Medical Cannabis

You will now have a secure patient portal with your LP and you can order your cannabis online. Shipping and handling varies by LP but most orders arrive within 2-3 days.

It doesn’t have to be confusing: we will guide you through the process, from Doctor appointment to ordering your cannabis!

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