August 23, 2017

August News

New LP!

We’re excited to announce the newest additions to our team of Licensed Producers: Aphria! They join our existing LP’s: Organigram, MedReleaf, Tweed Main Street, and Emblem. With these new LP’s we hope to bring our patients a greater range of product as well as larger stock levels. Read more about all of our LP’s here.

Clinic Updates:

We are constantly striving to make our clinics as easy and accessible as possible to our patients. That’s why we’ve hired more doctors and nurse practitioners so that we can offer more clinic dates, including evening appointments! In addition to our new medical professionals, we are also offering remote telemedicine appointments from your own home or office for even more convenience. This means we are accepting all Canadian residents for remote telemedicine clinics! And if that’s not convenient enough, we are also lowering our age restriction to 19 years of age and older. If you are under 19 or are the guardian of someone under 19, contact us to learn more about your candidacy for medical cannabis. Call or email today to learn more about scheduling a remote clinic appointment.

Click here to view our new clinic availability and book your next appointment.

Store News:

Both the London and Richmond Hill locations have reduced hours. Both locations are open for retail and clinic every Thursday from 10am-6pm. You can schedule clinics by calling or emailing the St. Catherines location, or by booking online. You can also shop the online webstore, or request special orders via phone or email.

Due to customer request, all locations have new Saturday hours: 10am – 4pm! We hope you enjoy!


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