October 25, 2016

The Future Marketplace Of Marijuana

Health vs. economy will determine the future of marijuana in Canada

The ongoing argument of whether or not marijuana should be legalized in Canada has been lengthy and filled with opinions from both sides, which a recent article published by Global News dug into the different sides of this hot-button-topic, and how it will affect the future of marijuana, and it’s users, in Canada.  However, regardless of which way you lean, it looks like legalization is all but a sure thing, which begs the question: how (and where) will marijuana be sold?  This particular argument comes down to two methods of thinking: health vs. economy.

On one hand, you have the idea of marijuana, for recreational use, being treated as a controlled substance, and, therefore, to be distributed as such – the methodology of using existing frameworks, such as the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario), which Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has stated “It makes sense … that the liquor distribution mechanism that we have in place, the LCBO, is very well suited to putting in place the social responsibility aspects that would need to be in place.”  This would push the idea that marijuana is of a health-related issue, as opposed to an economic-stimulus issue, and views marijuana as a controlled substance, and, therefore, needs to be regulated along the same lines as alcohol and tobacco.  This brings up a whole different argument, which presents the notion that selling marijuana and alcohol under the same roof gives the impression of “poly drug use.”

The other side of the argument is that marijuana should be viewed as an economic stimulus, which would allow private sector store fronts, dispensaries, etc. to sell pot on their own volition, under license from the Federal Government.  This would then promote the idea of the legalization and sale of marijuana as a free-enterprise endeavour, much like private liquor stores in Alberta and British Columbia.

Although the lines aren’t clear on just how or where marijuana will be sold and/or distributed when the legalization for recreational use happens, one thing is for sure: legalization is happening, and it’s happening soon.

Original article appears here, courtesy of Global News.