Frequently Asked Questions

Getting medical cannabis can be confusing. Let us shine light on the subject.

Where do I get a medical cannabis license? Where do I get medical cannabis?

Come consult with our registered MD for more information on how medical cannabis can benefit you and get a find out where you can purchase it.

Are you a dispensary?

At this time, we are only a retailer of medical cannabis paraphernalia and a clinic. We are currently working through a legal process with Health Canada to become a licensed medical cannabis dispensary to ensure a one-stop-shop experience.

If I don’t have a medical cannabis license, can I still come to your store?

Yes, of course! We are always open to the public. Even if all you have is a question about medical cannabis, our doors are always open.

Where can I resource more information about medical cannabis?

We are a great resource to access, but if you want a good online article, click here. Although these are US stats, it provides great info on cannabis and the industry!

What is cannabinoid?

Cannabinoid is any of a group of closely related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis.

What are some symptoms and conditions that medical cannabis can be used to treat?

There are numerous symptoms and conditions that medical cannabis can treat, but some of the more well known symptoms/conditions include: chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, arthritis and anxiety/depression.

How long does a prescription last?

The initial prescription is for up to three (3) months. After three months, you are required to schedule another telemedicine appointment for review with doctor. Prescriptions thereafter will last for a maximum of one year.

What is the cost?

Initial fee is $200. A three-month checkup is $100. Annual renewals are $200.

What is compassionate pricing?

Our Licensed Producer exclusively offers compassionate pricing to those in financial need. A thorough review of tax assessments is mandatory to be eligible.

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