August 9, 2016

Cannabis Supply Co Featured in St Catharines Standard

BIZZLINE: Cannabis Supply opens new local shop

By Don Fraser, St. Catharines Standard

 A local business has recently opened shop to add its presence to the growing medical cannabis trade.

Cannabis Supply Co. in St. Catharines is a retailer of medical cannabis supplies, including bongs, pipes and vaporizers.

But its core service is as a provider of clinics to help people obtain a medical cannabis licence approved by Health Canada.

Sarah Havard, manager of the recently opened store at 314 Lake St., at Nihan Drive, describes a process that uses a telemedicine appointment on the premises in a private room with a licensed Ontario doctor.

“We do carry the paraphernalia, but that’s not what our goal is,” she says, explaining the business operates as a support clinic that works with Health Canada-licensed cannabis producer Tilray from Nanaimo, B.C.

A physician from Kitchener is contracted, with Cannabis Supply then booking telemedicine appointments.

“We run clinics here for those looking to get their medical marijuana prescription,” Havard says. “And we have the physician on staff to be able to help those in need (if they qualify).”

If the client is approved for the medical marijuana, it can be purchased directly through Tilray online and it is sent to their homes.

“Nothing actually gets mailed to us,” Havard says.

Cannabis Supply also provides education about the uses of medicinal cannabis and different options for its intake, whether it be vaporizers, edibles or other forms of ingestion.

The retail location in the Garden City is its second, with the first in Brantford and another soon to open in Burlington.

Cannabis Supply is part of a service industry that’s gaining a tentative foothold in Niagara and the GTA.

Among local operations is also Canadian Cannabis Clinics, which opened in 2014 at 80 King St. in St. Catharines, the old Corbloc building.

There’s also no marijuana on its premises and the office doesn’t sell it. There, a patient makes an appointment with the clinic’s physician who assesses if the person is eligible for a medical document, like a prescription. It can use that document to order medical marijuana from one of a number of licensed producers in Canada.

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